dealer registration

Dealers are welcome!



Dealers from the auto industry which are interested in a cooperation
can register at Horvath 4x4.
Then, after the activation you can (with your registration password)
register in the dealer area.

* Current dealer-purchase price.
* Order for dealerprice.
* Special dealer offers
* In the EU (outside Austria) you do not pay 20% VAT. to us. (Only with valid VAT ID)
* Outside the EU you do not pay 20% VAT. to us.

So you can register:

1.) Click on "Login" (top right)

2.) Enter your data

3.) Send us an email with the info, that you have registered in the shop and that you are a dealer, 

     then we will unlock you for the dealer area.

If you have any questions, please make contact with us. 
We would like to help you
Contact: click here!

Our accessories: 

Horvath 4x4, offroad, 4x4styling    Horvath 4x4, car-lift-kit, Helper-Springs, Lift-Kit

Accessories and Parts for: 
off-road cars, 4x4 vehicles, SUV
* Transporter, Bus, Van, light truck, commercial auto, platform truck, pickup
* for almost all cars:
Helper-Springs, Auxiliary Springs, Suspension springs, Air-Springs, Body-Lift, Suspension