Why install auxiliary-springs, air suspension or reinforcing springs?

Helper-Springs for Transporter

If the load is heavy, the suspension is prevented by Auxiliary-Springs, the vehicle remains horizontal and the spring travel is maintained. The springs thus have a considerable advantage in driving behavior.

What vehicles helper springs, Auxiliary-Springs, air suspension, reinforcing springs, lift kit suitable?

For almost all vehicles.
Cars, SUV, offroad-cars, Pickup, 4x4, motorhomes, camper vans, transporter, Van, light trucks, trucks.
There are solutions for leaf springs and spiral springs.

Spring Systems Overview:

1.) Spiral auxiliary springs, reinforcing springs, Helper-Springs

* Are not adjustable
* Are installed in addition to the existing leaf springs or spiral springs / coil springs.
* The vehicle height is maintained, even with heavy load
* Are more effective when loaded
* Unloaded the vehicle is pleasant to drive.

We were able to collect our own experiences with additional spring, auxiliary springs on a trip to Romania.
Thanks to our great faith in the Navi, we have come up with an extremely bad "road", which we would never have used otherwise.
Thanks to the additional springs, our car had sufficient ground clearance and spring travel despite heavy load, with standard springs we would probably not have met.

Special springs can be used with very heavy and permanent load, these special springs are only suitable for loaded vehicles.

2.) Reinforced replacement springs
* Replace the original coil springs
* Are not adjustable
* Driving comfort is largely retained.

3.) Additional air suspension
* Is installed in addition to the existing leaf springs or coil springs.
* Is adjustable.
* The vehicle height is maintained, even with heavy load
* The effect can be conveniently adjusted as required with auxiliary air springs with a built-in compressor.
* The compressor can be delivered as a 1-circuit system (both sides the same) or as a 2-circuit system (left and right separately).

Auxiliary air springs are a good solution for all vehicles.
Also ideal for pick-ups with residential cabins or for mobile homes.

4.) Full air suspension
* Replace the existing coil springs.
* The adjusted vehicle height is automatically maintained.
* The loading and unloading is facilitated by the possible lowering, (only on the stand)

5.) lift kit, body raise
For SUVs, 4x4, pickup, SUV, van, vans, light truck, car
Suitable for all spring systems (leaf springs, spiral springs)

Different systems are used depending on the vehicle.
Depending on the system, the elevation can also be axis-wise.
(Body lift, other springs, extensions for springs ...)

6.) Shock absorbers
The existing (functioning) shock absorbers can usually be reused with auxiliary springs.

7.) Manufacturer
We sell springs from different manufacturers, we have good experiences with Mad auxiliary springs.
Mad is a very well-known manufacturer in this field, the quality is very good.

Our Mad Program:

Mad auxiliary springs
Mad reinforcing springs
Mad lift-kit springs
Mad air springs / mad poly bellows
Mad full-air springs

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