accessories, helper-springs, lift-kit, semi air suspension for VW, Volkswagen for retrofitting.
(Car, transporter, SUV, pickup) 

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Why install auxiliary springs, air suspension or reinforcing springs?

If the load is heavy, the suspension is prevented by additional springs, the vehicle remains horizontal and the spring travel is maintained. With the springs, this results in a considerable advantage in driving behavior with heavily loaded vehicles. Ideal for heavy loads, trailers, mobile homes, residential cabins.
Available for all spring systems (leaf springs, spiral springs)! You can find more information on the page: Why install additional springs?

Why mount a car lift kit?

With a hitch-up, your car has more ground clearance, depending on the suspension, there may be more space for larger wheels.
The car has a great look with the elevation.
Available for all spring systems (leaf springs, spiral springs)! Different systems are used depending on the vehicle.
Depending on the system, the elevation can also be per axis. (Body lift, other springs, extensions for springs ...)

Available accessories:

Bullbar, sidesteps, sidebars, winches, roll bars, ski and bicycle rack, etc.

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