Auxiliary Springs - Airsprings

Helpersprings, Airhelper, Airsprings

Air-Springs, Semi-air-springs, air suspension, full air suspension
Suspension springs, auxiliary springs, reinforcing springs, auxiliary springs
for SUV, pickup, 4x4, vans, truck, light trucks, passenger cars
for all spring-systems fitting! (Leaf springs, coil springs)
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Info on leveling springs.
There are different systems:

1.) Helper-Springs (spiral auxiliary springs)
Auxiliary springs are not adjustable.
Auxiliary springs are installed in addition to the existing leaf springs or spiral springs / coil springs.
Auxiliary springs largely hold the vehicle height with heavy load, the spring travel is thereby increased with heavy load.
Auxiliary springs have a payload, so the vehicle is unloaded to be pleasant to drive.
In the case of very heavy and continual loadings, special auxiliary springs can be used; these special springs are only loaded to drive.

2.) Semi-air-springs (Additional air springs, Auxiliary air springs)
Semi-air springs are also installed in addition to the existing leaf springs or spiral springs / coil springs.
Semi-air springs keep the vehicle height at high payloads, thus increasing the travel of the suspension when the load is heavy.
The effect can be conveniently adjusted as required on semi-air springs with a built-in compressor.
The compressor can be supplied as a 1-circuit system (both sides the same) or as a 2-circuit system (left and right separately). Semi-air springs are a good solution for all vehicles.
Also ideal for pick-ups with residential cabins or for mobile homes.

3.) Full air suspension
Full-air springs replace the existing springs.
The adjusted vehicle height is automatically maintained.
When the vehicle is stationary, the vehicle can be lowered, which is loaded and contained.

4.) Shock absorbers
The existing (functioning) shock absorbers can usually be reused.

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